Wednesday, December 1, 2010

-.- ... (what should i say?)

Ummm......  This is my second account cause for some reason i couldn't access my account....  my last one was kiritsu-chan15.blogspot , i only had three posts...  One thing i never had the chance to do was talk about music.  I really regret it, so I'll start with that.  Music isn't just simple noise like what we hear a lot of today.  Music speaks that which cannot be spoken.  You know you are listening to a good song if the artist's emotions flow through you.  I've decided that the one thing i couldn't live without would be sound.  Without sound, everything is num, empty, vacant, whats scarier to you something, but you can dismiss it as a dream for you hear nothing, or hearing the whole reality of it, understanding it, but not seeing it?  They say math is a language, which by the way i believe too, but i also believe that music is its own language too.
See this giant here?  I play this thing, it's heavier than me, and bigger than a tuba.  This is the Baritone Saxophone, the second largest in the saxophone family.  Why did i choose to play it?  I wanted to join the Jazz Band in our school, and you can't really with a Bb Bass Clarinet.  The two instruments may look similar, but trust me, they are very different.  I started playing about 10 months ago, and I've already had to play in front of an audience with a bari featured song; Moanin' by Charles Mingus, youtube it, try playing that with less than a year of experience.  I love this instrument though, it may be a hassle and a pain to get home, but its beautiful, i love the sound that a Baritone Saxophone makes.
What instrument did i start on?  In grade 8 i chose the Bb Clarinet, and i stayed with it for as long as i could, but then came the braces...  With braces i couldn't get the ombesher (form of mouth, probably wrote the word wrong...) right.  My teacher suggested that i try an instrument with a more relaxed ombesher, the easiest would be a Bb Bass Clarinet, it has basically the same fingerings as a Bb Clarinet, but its LOUDER and BIGGER than a Bb Clarinet (not as big as a Baritone Saxophone though...)
What instrument am i currently learning?  The acoustic guitar, fourth month playing.  Our school offers a guitar class, so thats how i'm leaning, i mostly take my choir music and read off that, i'm actually pretty good.  Still don't know how to play chords yet.  Well i better stop now, it's been over an hour... i type really slowly... T_T


  1. Guess what? OK just so you know... I'm one of Rosanne's friends =) (Stettler of course!) ok ok ok anyway back to my guess what??? I played bass clarinet too!!! I obviously wasn't very good cause I was wearing braces at the time..... so yeah!!! Anyway ttyl my newest friend!

  2. New blog? Kewl! But you should post more. Seriously. Like, go on NOW and post something~!!!!! RIGHT NOW