Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Concert 2012!!!!! (again, I'm procrastinating...)

I just found out today that our music teacher, Mr. P, actually made a YouTube channel for our school's concerts.  Thanks for letting me know, I would of spent an hour searching with the wrong words.  Any ways, as promised, I have here the songs from our 2012 Spring Concert.  It was our first year experimenting with the lights and I think it made a good impact, especially on the little kids who would of probably been bored without these effects.  Another thing to note: I don't have any more rehearsals, therefore I'll have more time to focus on my blog!  Alright, here's the concert... in actual order (Chibiko, I'll send you the good copy sometime soon).

Concert Band:


Music for a Darkened Theatre (in a darkened theatre! : D )

Hounds of Spring

House of Chen:
Mad World

12th Street Funk

Rock School:
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Steady As She Goes

Louie Louie

Jazz Band:
Spider-Man Theme

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Ol' Oak Tree

Fables of Faubus

[I'm having difficulties viewing video, I'll post it when i get it to work.  For now you can watch it on YouTube through the channel ESJFHSMUSIC, sorry for the inconvenience, it is truly our favourite song.]

Encore: Gimme Some Lovin'

For my next posts, I'm probably going to go over each of the songs I was in individually (for House of Chen and Rock School I'll put then together).  Now i better get back to homework, I'll start posting when I'm done studying... Or maybe sooner : ) !!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Procrastinating (putting off studying)

Well... It's been a while.  I've been really busy and I completely forgot about my blog.  I'm sorry to those of you (the very few) who check my blog regularly.  Tomorrow I have a big concert!!!!!!!  And I'm playing the Baritone BC instead of the Bari Sax!!!!!!  I've been playing it for about two months, perhaps less... but I'm actually pretty good!  I'll post our performance after this weekend (I'm going to the North American Block Goju Ryuu Karate Evaluation!!!!!!!  It happens once every five years!!!!!).

Not only have I been busy with the concert (and the evaluation), but exams are coming up!!!!!!!  I only have two to write (chem 20 and ela 20), but still!!!!!!!  I need to keep my marks up if I want to get into Biomedical Engineering!!!!!!  I may have a love for music, but my interests lye in the sciences.  But this blog isn't about science!!!!!  It is about music so that's what I'm gonna be talking about!!!!

Now when you listen to this song, I want you to picture a vampire playing te organ (this is what my friend said she thought of when listening to it).  Are version is only 2 and a half minutes long, but all the other version are 9 minutes long, so here you go: Tocata

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find Tanglewood (not the concert or festival or whatever it was that showed up, it's a song).  This one though is a favorite among all band members: Music for a Darkened Theatre (and we play it in a darkened theatre)

And now our last song, and definately the hardest.  It is at the same level as Flight of the Griffin (don't you love Adam's explanation of a Griffin) that we played last year, but we are playing this one a lot better (once agin, our versio is much shorter): Hounds of Spring

I hope you like the songs and i can't wait to post our band's version of them!!!!!