Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A frozen place, somewhere near

Snowing now today
Is it really May?

Not lying, it is snowing here where I live... What ever happened to Global Warming?  I could really use a NICE SPRING DAY.  Oh well, hopefully this is the last snow fall and it will all be gone next week.  HOPEFULLY.  Today I have a poem to match the weather, one very cold to the core.  This is the first time that I've written a poem from this perspective, normally the perspective I choose is that of the victim, not of the guilty.  I wrote it during class time... I was really bored.  I think it was FLA... or maybe maths...  Oh well, the past is the past and only fragments shall be remembered.  Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, my computer never even was on.  Between Concert Band, supper, (the movie... *wince* Sorry!), and Karate, there was no time.  I don't have anything tomorrow, so I'll see you all then~!

                                                                                   Frost Bite
A lone flower in the icy fields
You brought me to where it was warm
You took care of me
Never treated me wrong
But I am a flower of ice
Cold as the blizzard you found me in
Sorry I broke your heart

Weathered by many storms
Penetrated by permafrost
Frozen in suspension
Tarnished to the core
Even the calm and gentle summers breeze
Cannot faze me from this state
I am alone; perhaps it’s better this way


  1. Thats soo funny! Snowing.....?! Wow Not here!
    I love your poem!!!!

  2. Lucky... we were going to have a BBQ for supper, but since it was snowing we didn't. T_T