Sunday, May 1, 2011

Simply an image

Hello all!  Yesterday I didn't post a poem because I had a with me to have an... interesting post.  Today's poem is a bit different because I originally intended it to be lyrics for a song.  It isn't too good and it is kind of cheesy, but it was a long time ago!  Anyways, the theme is about letting go of a false image and revealing their true self.  In today's society, people create false images of themselves to satisfy others.  Hiding away behind this image may protect someone from outside forces, but inside their heart is dying.  Don't lie to yourself, let the rain wash it all away and shine for who you are.  I got the idea for the title as a quote from BLEACH, a shonen manga by Tite Kubo.  I hope you like it!  See you tomorrow!

Rain Drags Black Sun Down

The image we've painted
was to satisfy others
and our Black Sun
absorbs all light.

Terrified by the thought of being hated,
we mould ourselves in their image.
They say "Well done",
their words are numb to our emptiness.

A Black Sun of false images,
but images of the past.
Let the rain drag it all away
and start anew
with only this moment left.

We've all suffered at times,
but we've learnt to move on,
to let the rain cleanse us
and create our own image.

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