Saturday, May 14, 2011

Something precious, something gone

Hello (again)!  Today I am going to post the Last of the three songs.  The first was Rain Drags Black Sun Down, the second was The Illustrious Moon Brings, Everything to Light.  This song has doesn't really have a message, but rather an emotion.  The emotion of longing and the sadness of losing.  All that mattered was one thing, when you are punished for having it, you hide it away.  You can always find it, but you're too scared.  When you finally have no limitations, it is stolen from you.

                                                                                                         there's no need to yell, until the voice is gone
                                                                                                         without my voice
i am nothing
without a say
i am judged
without my song
i am alone

my songs open doors
at times it is joy
but sometimes pain
my first song lead me to solitude
my last song was a rush of joy
that did not last
for it was my last song

without my friends
i'd be lonely
without these words
there'd be nothing
without my song
                                                                                                         i'd be dead

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