Friday, January 7, 2011

Nihongo ga hanasemasen (?!?!?!!?!?!?)

Why such a title, i'm guessing you don't speak Japanese, so you don't know what it means... Maybe i should of explained it at the beginning... oh well! ^_^ Never too late, i'll just explain now!  As i'm sure you're all aware, i am fascinated by Japanese culture, i partly joined Karate because of that.  One day i even hope to visite Japan, but before i do that, i should learn the language. "Nihongo ga hanasemasen" , "I don't speak Japanese" .  There, now you know one phrase in Japanese, and probably applies to you as much as me (for those of you who don't relate to the statement, please just save your gloating for someone else).

Here's a list of phrases i know:

  • Watashi wa daisuki [insert name] des. = I like [insert name]. (girl speaking)
  • Ore wa daisuki [insert name] des. = I like [insert name]. (boy speaking)
  • Anata no baka na deska? = Are you stupid?
  • Kanojo wa warui des. = She's bad.
  • Karewa hidoyatsu des. = He's a bastard.
  • Ie!  Karewa seki des... = No! He's sexy...
  • [insert name] wa geno des = [insert name] is gay.
  • Onigashimashi = Please teach me
  • Arigatou gozaimashita = Thank you for teaching me / Thank you very much
Here's a few stray words i know:

  • Suna = sand
  • Sora = sky
  • Hai = yes
  • Ie = no
  • Oshiro = castle
  • Mizu = water
  • Hi = fire
  • Kaze = wind
  • Tsuchi = earth
  • Uddo = wood
  • Kaminari = lightning
  • Mai = dance
  • Ko = kid
  • Mitsuki = full moon
  • Tsuki = moon
  • Mizuki= beautiful moon
I know more, but i think this is a good start for a list, i'm sorry if you're offended by the phrases i used.  I hope you all enjoyed this post, i'm so sorry that i don't post more often, school is just hectic now!  Thanks again for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!


  1. Haha! Anata wa sogoi des!!! (Sorry..I think I spelt sogoi wrong but whatever!)


  3. *very respectably* "I would like to thank the manga Naruto and Fullmoon,to thank my Japanese learning game, universal translators, various English - Japanese dictionaries, songs by various Japanese artists, and many more manga. If it weren't for you all, i wouldn't be praised for what i am now." *bow, leaves stage* "That was a breeze, after thanking EVERYONE who helped me, i feel much better" *manager* "Kristen, you seem to have hate mail from someone with the pen name Aiko. Any idea who that would be?" *me* "...oops."