Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Karewa seksi deska?!?!?!

I need honest opinions from all of you; do you think he is hot?  Answer this question about all the guys i show you, and then decide who is the absolute hottest!  (yes, i know, my life is pathetic... just be quiet about it)

1. Shun Oguri
2. Ikuta Toma

3.Yamamoto Yusuke
4. Kimura Ryo
5. Mizushima Hiro
I'm sure some of you have noticed, but all of these guys appear in the Japanese version of the drama Hana Kimi.  The first three are in order of who i think is seksi, the last two are kind of tied.  I have to get the dvd box set for Hana Kimi! >.<
Watashi wa daisuki Shun-sama des!!!!!!!  

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