Sunday, January 30, 2011

Star Trek

I can't believe this!  I'm a Trekkie and i haven't posted anything about Star Trek! (Probably because no one watches Star Trek anymore and know will read the post... It's for self satisfaction then!).  I'll start with the summary of the series, and then i'll comment on it...  I'll introduce them in timeline order.
Launched in the year 2151, the NX-class starshipEnterprise, (the first of United Earth's advanced warp five vessels) was at first on temporary assignment. Though years of preparation still lay ahead, the ship was unexpectedly put into service when a Klingon national crash-landed on Earth, putting the entire planet at stake should he not make it back to his people. Under the command of United Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer, son of the famed scientist Henry Archer, the crew of Enterprise succeeded in their mission, but found themselves surrounded by deeper mysteries. Warranting the extension of their assignment into a full-blown mission of deep space exploration, the crew of the Enterprise set off into the unknown, taking with them a Vulcan science officer (or chaperone) named T'Pol and a Denobulan doctor named Phlox.

  • temporal cold war ruined it
  • first season was overall the best
  • if the series stuck with what it's original purpose was, it could of been one of my favorites
  • change of thought, it was getting really good right before it was cancelled (when the temporal cold war was done)

The original series that was aired in the 60's, it was the inspiration for many more series and a lot of present day technology.  The only summary i can really give is:
"Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before." 

  • Very 60's feel to it, but overall well succeeded
  • interesting perspective of the future...
  • kind of corny at times, but hey, it was the 60's!  

Star Trek: The Next Generation moved the universe forward roughly a century past the days of Kirk and Spock. The series depicted a new age in which the Klingons were allies of the Federation, though the Romulans remained adversaries. New threats included the Ferengi (although they were later used more for comic relief), theCardassians, and the Borg. Where Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) was clearly made in the 1960s, the first few seasons of The Next Generation show all the markings of a 1980s product, complete with Spandex uniforms.

  • the first season was iffy, but later the series was a lot better
  • Data is awesome!
  • i didn't find time to finish this series,  stopped watching just after the incident where Picard became a Borg.

Deep Space Nine went where no Star Trek had gone before – it was the first series that was not based on a starship, but was instead based on a starbase, known asDeep Space 9. Indeed, when Brandon Tartikoff originally approached Rick Berman about the show, he specifically said he wanted it to have a new format; if The Next Generation was Wagon Train in space, Deep Space Nine was to be The Rifleman in space – a man and his son coming to a dilapidated town on the edge of a new frontier.

  • i plan to watch this series!  ^_^

Launched in the year 2371, the Intrepid-class Federationstarship USS Voyager was a ship built to return toStarfleet's founding principle of scientific exploration. It was fitting that the ship's CaptainKathryn Janeway, rose up through the science ranks rather than command. On the ship's first mission, which required it to find and capture a Maquis vessel that disappeared into the treacherousBadlands, the crews of both Voyager, and the Maquis ship it was pursuing, were swept clear across the galaxy and deep into the Delta Quadrant. This was the doing of a powerful alien being known as the Caretaker. The 70,000light year transit cost the lives of over a dozen crew members. Captain Janeway was forced to destroy the massive alien array that housed the Caretaker. In doing so, she saved an alien race, the Ocampa, but strandedVoyager and the crew in the Delta Quadrant.

  • this is first series i watched
  • my favorite one
  • it got a lot better after Seven of Nine came in
You should try watching all the series!   They're really good, i suggest that you watch the original series first, then at least one more before you watch Enterprise, so you'll have at least a little bit of background.
Anyways...  Sayonara!

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