Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sing me to heaven

Sorry that I haven't been posting for the last two days.  I almost did yesterday, but I was dragged out as soon as I got home.  I've been much too busy.  Last night I saw the play "My Fair Lady", and it was amazing!  The singing made me think of choir... I used to be in choir, but I had to quit to make time for school.  All was well until I remembered what song we were going to sing for the spring concert.  This song has very heavy lyrics that contain a lot of feeling.  In a big choir, the chords in the song are quite shaky unless the choir has a great deal of training   Our choir is quite small and the chords come out quite beautifully.  I hope you enjoy this song.

In my heart's sequestered chambers lie truths stripped of poets' gloss 
Words alone are vain and vacant, and my heart is mute 
In response to aching silence, memory summons half-heard voices 
And my soul finds primal eloquence, and wraps me in song 

If you would comfort me, sing me a lullaby 
If you would win my heart, sing me a love song 
If you would mourn me and bring me to God, 
sing me a requiem, sing me to Heaven 

Touch in me all love and passion, pain and pleasure 
Touch in me grief and comfort, love and passion, pain and pleasure 
Sing me a lullaby, a love song, a requiem 
Love me, comfort me, bring me to God 

Sing me a love song, sing me to Heaven 

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