Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nothing has changed, I'm still the same

Hello!  Today I have for you the second song in it's trilogy.  What I mean is this song continues the story of Rain Drags Black Sun Down.  In the first song, you cleanse yourself of your old, false image and you create a new one.  In this song, you've already cleansed yourself and you've created an image that helps you express your emotions better, but it is still false.  There are still truths you are hiding, and for public's sake, you keep them hidden.  All you are doing is continuing to hide behind your "Back Sun".  I hope you like this song, it is shorter than the last one, but I feel it has the same impact.  I also was inspired by BLEACH for the title of this song.  Tomorrow I might not post, so most likely see you all Friday.  Bye~!

                                                                                   The Illustrious Moon
MOONLIGHT MAGIC!!!!Brings Everything to Light

"Your lingering past
follows you

Smile like nothing's wrong
I thought it was gone
My Black Sun still lingers

I've washed away my old images
leaving nothing left
but in the end
I've still forgotten to be true to myself
I still use false images
to please the crowd

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