Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hello there!  Today I'm not posting a poem nor a song because... I have a special guest with me today! :D  This is my friend "Ade" (a-day), she is the one who did the drawings that inspired me for two of my poems Where the Forgotten Flower Waits and The Crystal Maiden.  Just so you all know before you read this, we MAY be slightly insane.  It's just a possibility, you can decide for yourself!  I hope you enjoy this pointless conversation! ^_^

~Do I care about how many bubbles you have?
~You should! Ooooh! I absolutely love Kate's dress. It suited her so well. I LOVE YOU, DUKE AND DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE!
~I didn't watch the wedding.  It seemed pointless to. -.-
~It's not every day you get to see a future king and queen who actually love each other get married.... And I saw them kiss! They had to do it twice... hehe.
~I don't quite care... Lets talk about something else, something more interesting...  So are you going to eat all the wasabi chips again?
~Her dress had HANDMADE LACE on it. You know, it takes around 3 months to make a piece of lace that's 5 inches wide. And they covered a whole dress! It was beautiful!!
~So it was pretty, i don't really care.  Anyone with enough money can get that done.  Another that seems silly, is that some people went out and got dressed up to WATCH IT ON TV!  I mean, how silly is that.  No one can see how you dress if you're watching it on tv.
~Not true. Her dress was absolutely astonishing. It was amazing, astounding, beautiful, impressive, etc. I will forever be amazed at that dress. And really, not just anyone could get a dress like that made. SHE IS THE FUTURE QUEEN OF ENGLAND.
~I don't live in England, it doesn't seem to affect my life.  Would it be so amazing if it were simply a president getting married?  I don't think so, both are figures important to the country, but one gets more attention from the citizens of other countries.  That's all.
~Well, it should be important. Kate Middleton will also rule over Canada too. And really, It's an honour to be invited to one of those things. How about we end this discussion by saying that Kate is awesome and she will be a good wife for Wills. Ok?
~Fine.  So how about the wasabi chips?  Are you going to eat them all?
~Oh, probably.
~Fine, I'll let you read your manga...
~It is not simply manga. It is SCOTT PILGRIM! And it is amazing!
~Yeah yeah, who cares.
~I care. Duh. That's why I got it.
~Well you don't count.
~Well you can live all alone and I will not be your friend. BYE.
~... oh well... I still have the wasabi chips...

I hope you found amusement in this post.  Bye~!

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