Sunday, April 24, 2011

Remember Me

A lot of these poems are just quick scribbles I did a long time ago, some are cheesy, some are empty, but they show progress.  Not everything done is a masterpiece.


I hold in my heart
A forgotten memory
My precious treasure

I know that I love you,
Even if I don't know you.
I did once know,
But I have forgotten you.
Was I not good enough?

I treat you not as a memory
But as reality
I saw you a long time ago
But it doesn't dictate the future
I think of you every night
But it's true that I think of the old you
I remember you as such a tender person
But I no longer know you

In reality
You never existed here
'Cause you never were

Here I am alone
It's no reason to mourn you
'Cause I can find you

All that's left of you
Is the book I found you in
Sequestered away

A castle made of sand
To protect my broken heart
Is crumbling away

I hope you like the poems!  I don't have titles for most of them, but "Remember" represents them all.  See you tomorrow!


  1. I love your poems!! They touch my heart!!!! You should send me some.....:D

  2. I'd post my better ones, but I don't trust the internet... people will take my ideas!!!! .>///<.