Thursday, April 28, 2011

The undiminished memory

I love Haiku.  Simple, short, but full of emotion.  My first haiku wasn't so creative, but i polished of my skill and wrote this poem for an ela assignment in grade eight.  I then wrote a series of haiku to follow the first haiku written and it became a story with not just a simple message.  I hope you all enjoy this poem.  I wrote it a while ago, but poems do not fade with time.

                                                                                             Sakura Cherry Blossoms

In this battlefield
Sakura flowers tumble
As the wind whimpers

Once was a garden
This field full of Sakura
Was before this war

Graveyard of bodies
It is a land of sorrow
Now the sky sheds tears

I live on that field
Sakura flowers still bloom
Survived through that war

We pray before bed
Our backyard is our temple
We grieve for lost souls

Sleeping – it haunts us
No memory is needed
It affects us all

That's all for today~!

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