Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have no idea what to say in this post, so i'll just post some songs that i love!
Brick ~ Ben Folds Five
I love this song  because it's so full of emotion!  It's so sad...
Cloudbusting ~ Kate Bush
I love Kate Bush's voice!  You know how there's some music that you just like, but you can't explain why, this song is kind of like that. I love this song for it's feeling i guess.
Babooshka ~ Kate Bush
Another Kate Bush song that i love!  Listen to her album "The Whole Story"!
Don't let it Bring you Down ~ Annie Lennox (originally by Neil Young)
Another song that i can't explain why i love it, i just do!  My favorite part is the lyrics.

Time ~ Pink Floyd
What i like... the usage of instruments... the lyrics... the whole thing...
Nosferatu ~ Blue Oyster Cult
Interesting... very intriguing... i never knew it was about a vampire...  A cool video as well...
I think that enough has been said... i'll try to find time to make better posts! :)

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