Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Concert 2012

I'm sorry that I haven't posted much lately, but grade 12 is killer... -.-  I'm in between semesters right now so I have a bit of time...  Here's our Xmas concert:

Concert Band: Noel

Our concert band wasn't the greatest this year... Though we did recruit a violinist last minute.  With only two rehearsals she was ready for the concert!!!

Brass Quintet (plus violin): Christmas Montage

This was originally our invitational band, but so many people dropped out that we only had a handful of people.  We were saved by the violinist in this group as well.  I think if we had rehearsed this song for more than a few rehearsals  we could of done better, but we choose this last minute realizing that we couldn't play our other songs without woodwinds.

Jazz Band:
Cruella de Vil

Blue Skies

Baby Its Cold Outside (with the exchange students on vocals)

[unfortunately I can't find a video to insert, here the link and I hope you check it out!]


Encore: Ballistic Brass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have trombones this year!!!! Jazz Band is as exciting as ever, I only wish that I could play my Bari Sax....

I'm not gonna post the other groups because I wasn't in them and I have run out of time to post.  I hope you enjoyed out concert!!!

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  1. The concert was downright amazing!!!!!!!!! HHAHA! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check the link for more details