Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 25 - A Song That Makes Me Laugh

If you want to laugh at a song, listen to any Arrogant Worms song, they're a comedy group.  Well... another song that came to mind is actually an ACDC song, if you think about it (and if you're teenager with their mind in the gutter like, sadly, me) then you'll think of the same song
Figure it out yet?  Gah!  I know patience is a virtue, but I can't wait.  I'll just tell you.
"Big Balls".
THAT song.
I love the word notoriety that he uses at the beginning... he sounds so smart...
Then he starts singing about his balls.
Well here you go!  "Big Balls" by ACDC.

*too stunned by lyrics to post them*

I hope that you like the song!  See you tomorrow!


  1. I hope you know how dirty that song is. Like, not just "oh, he's talking about his balls" kind of dirty. No... SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

  2. after reading the lyrics, i realized the same thing...