Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Challenge, Gladly Accepted

Hello... It's been a while... I've been really busy lately and I have completely frogotten about my blog.  My music teacher decided that he no longer wanted a Baritone Saxophone in the band nnd has decided that a Baritone B.C. is needed.  He asked me if I wanted to learn it and, seeing his desire, said yes.


Not only have I only ever played woodwinds, I've never read off bass clef music (yes, I'm sure it sounds tragic to those of you who don't speak music-lingo, but trust me, it takes getting used too).  The reason he wanted me to switch is beause he felt the band needed a baritone voice in the song Hounds of Spring.  So far i'm doing quite well for someone who picked up a new instrument less than a week ago.  I'm (sort of) keeping up with the rest of the band.  Here's Hounds of Spring:

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