Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There goes my Saturday night

I love a lot of artists (as you've probably noticed), but I have to say that the Pretenders are one of my absolute favourites.  While listening to these lyrics, I can picture myself as her, so bored that she's intrigued by the laundry going round and round and round...  Wasting away her Saturday night, here's Watching the Clothes by the Pretenders.

Oh, Saturday night,
Mmm, everyone's having fun.
I'm at the laundromat,
Trying to get my washing done.
Like I've done before,
Time and time again.
Watching the clothes go 'round,
Another week sees its end.
Watching the clothes go 'round (x4)
Oh, I've been working hard,
Mmm, trying to make some money.
Would you like sour cream,
On your potato, honey.
I've been kissing ass,
Trying to keep clean.
Serving the middle class,
Yeah, it's a clean routine.
Watching the clothes go 'round (x4)
The dirty whites,
Mmm, getting whiter.
The dirty colors,
Getting brighter.
The dirty delicates,
Do the final rinse.
There goes my Saturday night,
I go without a fight.
Watching the clothes go 'round (x4)

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